Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taking Pills

"Tell me what brings you in today."

"Well, I just got a positive pregnancy test and I want to know why that happened because I've been taking the birth control like I was told."

"You have been taking pills? And you just had a positive pregnancy test?"

"Yes, how is that even possible?"

"Well, nothing is 100% effective except abstinence. This chart here shows that the chance of failure for perfect use is 0.3%, but about 8% in the real world-meaning about 8 women in 100 using the same birth control as you will get pregnant in one year. Did you take a pill every day?"

"Well, almost every day. I always tried to make sure there was one there."

"...What do you mean?"

"Well, sometimes I noticed it would fall out so I'm not 100% sure there was always a pill there."

"You haven't been taking the pills...in your mouth...as in swallowing them?"


"Okay, I think I know what went wrong."

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