Sunday, August 11, 2013


"Hey, how's the patient in 212?"

"Be careful in there. Last night she was pretty agitated and had a headache and seizure that lasted a few seconds, so we gave her some Ativan. She wanted to go outside and smoke yesterday so we told her she could sign the against medical advice (AMA) papers after she finished her current round of IV antibiotics. When we left the room she unscrewed the drip line and spilled them all on the floor. Then some of her friends came last night and when the left she was much more sedated. We think they brought her some drugs."

"Sounds like she'll want to get out of here as soon as she can."


"Good morning. How are you doing?"

"Well, as I was just telling the nurse, this morning was the first time in three days that the dressing on my wound has been changed."

"I just checked your record and your nurse said that she changed it last night at seven and I was here yesterday morning when it was changed."

"Well, maybe I was asleep when it was changed."

"Did you take anything for your seizures before you came here. Who is your doctor?"

"I don't have a doctor. And I only get my headaches when I spend about three days in bed."

"How often do you spend three days in bed?"

"Few times a year. Can you come back later? You have two heads."

"I think I'm going to decrease your dose of pain medications since your wound looks so good and I think we'll let you go home tomorrow morning."

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