Sunday, August 11, 2013

Prescription Paper

"I've got good news. Your abscess is getting better and your wound is healing. We're going to let you go home today."

"But where you cut me is still open."

"Your wound is going to close a little bit more each day. We'll give you a prescription for some antibiotics that work against the bacteria that was growing in there."

"So I go home with a big hole in my body that still leaks pus?"

"We've done what we can do for you here and you can finish healing at home."

"Can you give me some of that gauze that you have been changing the bandage with?"

"We don't have any we can send with you, but I can write down what kind we use and you can pick some up at any pharmacy."

"But I'm on the indigent plan, so can I get some for free?"

"And I'll write it down on prescription paper so the pharmacist will know what kind to sell you."

"Okay, thanks."

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