Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stuff Teachers Say

In adult PPD should be interpreted same is BCG vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

You all had 7th grade algebra right? I assume so because you are all here. Don't worry, all math will be multiples of .08 so don't bring a calculator.

Dis ting will cause dat udda ting to start make doing ta ting.

Responding to a test challenge: I clearly stated that "The ciliary epithelial cells produce antimicrobial peptides like beta-defensins." On page 6 it states that "the Primary granules in neutrophils contain myeloperoxidase enzyme, lysozyme and alpha-defensins." The statement indicating that neutrophils  produce alpha-defensins is again reiterated in the same page.  I appreciate the fact that you did a literature search and found an article from 1995 demonstrating defensin production from macrophages.  This is  an outdated report.  There are more than 292 research articles reporting the production of alpha-defensins by neutrophils. I have pasted the PubMed link below. The challenge is denied.

Squamous cell carcinoma that is limited to the penis has an excellent prognosis - about 95% three year survival. Of course, you have to amputate the penis and use prosthesis. Carcinoma that has nodal involvement has only 30-50% three year survival.

It's called erythrovirus because it affects the mad poetic cells. Get it? He-mat-o-poietic.

Now, some experts have suggested that the reason the rates of gonorrhea have gone down so rapidly and remained so low in West Virginia is because I left there, but that's not true.

Estrogen lives in fat cells. Lucky me, because I have a lot of estrogen working really well to give me a good grip of the ground.

I heard a group of you were playing a drinking game while watching a recording of my last lecture. You were each taking shots every time I said 'electrocardiogram.' Electrocardiogram! Electrocardiogram! Electrocardiogram! Happy studying.

Bleeding is not common, but it is frequent.

You don't have to memorize this, I just want you to know it.

Now, we don't know if this data is statistically different. We are only trying to show whether there is some difference.

Upper endoscopy is 95% specific, but only about 50% specific.

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