Sunday, December 9, 2012

You might

You might be a medical student if:

Your daughter insists that there be a doctor at the nativity scene.

Your wife is in labor and the anesthesiologist talks more to you than to your wife.

You go to urgent care telling them you have a peritonsillar abscess even though it's only viral tonsillitis and all the nurses laugh at you.

You are never ready to take a test. You simply study until you take it.

You know how to get from your home to the school, but no where else.

Visitors come to the school while you are studying and you cover the pictures of STDs, full body pictures of hormone associated pathologies, and mastectomy induced lymph edema to avoid the awkward questioning faces.

Studying for six hours is a day off.

You look forward to the weekends so you can catch up on the readings.

Your daughter thinks the bladder looks like a chocolate chip and the brain looks like worms.

You find yourself arguing silently with your professors during exams. "Clearly that heart section shows white scarring consistent with a healed myocardial infarction in addition to a recent hemorrhagic reperfusion transmural infarct. Your case history doesn't match. Are you looking for A, B, or D?"