Sunday, November 4, 2012

Types of Medical Students

Type 1: "Did you know (insert random interesting medical fact)?"
Me: "I know that...I went to that lecture...I go to the same medical school you do."

Type 2: (On Facebook) - Wildly contentious, politically divisive, ostentatiously opinionated, condescending, and inappropriate.
             (In person) - Advocates tolerance, acceptance, and civility.

Type 3: How are we ever going to make it on this amount of student loans? (Buys a dog and $700 TV, eats out every day, gets parents' car, parents pay rent)

Type 4: Asks professors to prescribe anti-anxiety medications to deal with the stresses of medical school.

Type 5: Meets with the Dean trying to ban plastic bottles on campus to reduce the school's impact on the local ecosystem.

Type 6: Challenges a test question noting that she put E when she saw that the right answer was the last one and gets it wrong because the answers only go to D. Wants E and D accepted as correct.

Type 7: Winds up on caffeine all day and winds down on alcohol all night.

Type 8: "Has anybody worked really hard on preparing notes containing only the essential information for all testable material that I can have?"

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