Sunday, June 17, 2012

Other Aspects of the Military

Schedule for COT

Primarily Monday through Friday, with studying, readings, and computer based training on the weekends. Trainee Group may organize weekend and after duty hours events. Expect to be very busy throughout the entire course.

0500-0615: Physical Conditioning 
0615-0800: Personal Time and Breakfast 
0800-1200: Training/Academics 
1200-1300: Lunch/Student Wing Activities 
1300-1800: Training/Academics 
1800-1900: Evening Meal 
1900-2200: Trainee Group Activities/Meetings
2200-2330: Personal Time or Sleep
2330           : Lights Out

I know next to nothing about being in the military. So far my experience has been: the recruiter lets you know what to do and what information to send his way and then you sit back and collect paychecks. This summer, however, I am scheduled for officer training which is like boot camp where you learn how to march, when and who to salute, and the history of the branch in which you are serving. The following conversation took place while trying to enroll my family in the military's health insurance.

"Hi, I'm trying to enroll my family in Tricare and I just received my active duty orders."

"You'll need to drive to the office and bring your orders in person."


A forty minute drive later. "Hi, I'm here to enroll my family in Tricare and here are my orders."

"These don't look like your orders."

"This was an attachment to an email I received that said 'Active Duty Orders.'"

"No, your orders should be lots of pages. I only see three here."

"I'm an Health Professional Scholarship Recipient. I'm only active duty for forty-five days while I'm at Commissioned Officer Training this summer."

"Why don't you come back closer to you ship date and bring your orders?"

"I don't exactly live across the street. Is there some way that my family can be automatically enrolled once I'm converted to active duty?"

"I'm sorry we can't do that. It's an automated system."

"........Thanks for you help. Bye."

I don't know any more than when I started. I'm not sure what military precision means yet, but hopefully I'll learn this summer. In the meantime, let's throw money at a problem and once it's buried with cash, we'll ignore it.

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