Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Call the Elders

The second neuro test went okay. I was only 1 standard deviation above the mean which is still rather significant, but something of a letdown after doing so well on the first test. The average was only 74% and the standard deviation was 9 points.

This week our clinical course had something interesting prepared for us. Instead of a timed session to collect a history and physical and then compose a SOAP note we were given the opportunity to interact with difficult patients. The actors were instructed to yell, scream, cry, not speak English, demand, and anything else they can think of to see how we respond. Oddly enough, they scheduled it for the afternoon following our second neuro exam. My guess was that the actors were going to get as good as they gave.

One actor was a mom who was upset we proscribed her 14 year-old daughter birth control without notifying her. (Depending on the state laws, a minor can receive treatment for pregnancy, venereal diseases, and birth control without parental consent or awareness and it is illegal for the parents to find out from the doctor.)

One actor was a talkative fellow who blocked any attempt to have a productive appointment.

The last one I had was interesting. It was a Christian couple whose son had been taken to the emergency room by the preschool staff and was confirmed to have bacterial meningitis - a potentially fatal disease. The couple wanted to take the kid home without treatment so that the 'Elders' could pray for him as per James 5:14-15. (There has been a precedent for kids dying because of this attitude and the parents being charged with child neglect.)

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