Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Pizzas

I took the first neuro test on Tuesday night - the one that had a 71% average. There were two main advantages I had over the other people that took the test: 1.) I am a neuroscience major and 2.) I had all spring break to study. In that context, when I tell you that I scored 2.4 standard deviations higher than the mean, you should understand that that places me around the top 1% of students out of about 300 on that test. Sometimes the way the cookie crumbles is towards you.

Unfortunately, taking the test late puts me three days behind on lectures. That translates into ten lecture hours which might not sound like a lot, but let me use an analogy to describe how that makes me feel. Let's say you have to eat 10 pieces of pizza a day. You're a big guy and you are doing pretty well until something happens that sets you back three days. "That's okay," you think. "I'm a big guy and I'll just eat 30 pieces tomorrow." The problem is, if you can barely eat 10 pieces a day, what makes you think you can ever eat 30 pieces in a day? And what do you do when you are tired of eating all that pizza? It never stops coming. 

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