Sunday, March 25, 2012

Every Sunday School Lesson...Ever

My diseased status last week meant I could choose to make up the first neuro test. Usually make-ups are scheduled within 3 days of the test, but since the test fell on Friday and the following week was spring break, I take it on Tuesday night instead. That means I had more time to study for it than anyone else. Also, I go into the test knowing that the median score was a 68% and the average was only slightly better at 71% which means more than half the class failed. The standard deviation was about 10 points so about 8%. I like knowing what the stats are going into it and with all my advantages my goal is at least two standard deviations above the mean. Stay tuned.

The week was way more chill than usual. I spent the mornings at home mostly playing with C and building snow princesses. She decided our first attempt looked like mamma so she referred to it as the "Mamma Princess." The last time it snowed this much was 1991 and I was right to forbid any use of the car while the snow was around. 

From nap time to dinner time I was on campus meticulously studying and restudying. I miss the highest proportion of questions on the drugs. There are over 50 cholinergic and adrenergic drugs on this test arranged by classes, but with various lengths of actions for different reasons, stimulating different receptors producing opposite results, and some even have vastly different effects based on dose. Keeping them all straight is difficult. I generally learn lists like this with mneumonics, but remembering a mneumonic with 50 different elements is about as difficult as memorizing the things in the first place.

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