Sunday, January 29, 2012


This week was more of the same. The immune system works this way with cancer, it works this way in graft rejection, it works this way with viruses, this way with bacteria, and it doesn't work when (blank) cells are dysfunctional. (Blank) bacteria invades tissue via (blank) factor, it evades the immune system via (blank) mechanisms, you can identify the strain via (blank) laboratory tests, etc. You learn one, you learn 'em all - except the names change. 

S's mom left on Friday so we have been left to our own devices to sink or swim with the new adjustments. Saturday night, C came into our room around 3 am asking for a drink of water. Then she came in at 4:30 complaining that her tummy hurts and right as she got to our bed, she began puking everywhere. Between N feeding and having to cleaning C every few minutes, Shelli got maybe an hour of sleep and I fared only slightly better. Good practice for a residency in surgery, right?

In the arena of world news, the cruise company who tipped the liner over in the Mediterranean is offering all non-injured passengers $14,460 as an enticement to not sue. The cruise company is taking advantage of a horribly inefficient Italian Courts system betting that the passengers will take the quick settlement rather than brave the courts.. Attorneys are convinced they can get closer to $164,000 per non-injured passenger and that's 3,206 people.

Everybody stay calm, Schettino is NOT driving.

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