Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buon Anno

We had a rather quiet New Year's Eve this year.  I don't think security allows firecrackers into the hospital and the nurses wouldn't let bubbly in the maternity ward.  I took C home at around 6 pm for bath, bed, and beyond.  She doesn't like it much at the hospital.  None of the rooms are toddler friendly and the rain has been savage the last few days so it was no fun visiting the fish at the hospital garden.  Every New Year's Eve since Naples has been a little anticlimactic.  The year I was there, one of our good friends from the Spanish Quarters said it had been a quiet year because they didn't blow up any buildings.  They know how to do it right in Napoli because they collectively understand that what you lack in coordination, professionals, and safety can definitely be made up for by applying the law of large numbers.

This video doesn't really do justice to the real thing.  You can't hear all the car alarms going off, you can't feel the 'big ones' disintegrating entire dumpsters and the cars on either side of them, and you don't feel the danger of standing out on a rooftop while someone higher up the hill throws firecrackers down on top of you.  

N and S were discharged from the hospital Sunday at about 1 pm.  The doctor warned us that the biggest safety hazard to N is C.  She doesn't realize exactly how fragile her baby sister is and she didn't take it very well when we told her N couldn't sleep in her bed.  She'd love her to death - literally. Whenever I let C lay down next to us, she somehow turns into a creature of all knees and elbows.

N is so calm and sedate that except for her squeaks and grunts you can almost forget you are holding anything at all.  She hasn't woken up once by herself to eat and her eyes mostly loll when they are opened so I'm not sure she has been entirely awake since I met her.  

I go back to school on Tuesday.  When the break started I meant to get a head start on our next class which covers immunology, pharmacology, microbiology, and pathology.  I also wanted to start reviewing anatomy to solidify that for COMLEX 1 at the end of year two, but I didn't.  I spent my time cooking, cleaning, laundering, entertaining C, preparing for N, and relaxing when I had the time.  I can't wait to go back to school so I can rest.

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