Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Week Before Christmas

The first semester of medical school is officially over.  We took the MCBM final on Wednesday and I scored in my usual range - about five percent higher or a half standard deviation higher than the class average.   I missed honors by 1 percent, but I take comfort in knowing that 90% is an arbitrary number anyway and class standing counts for more.  This last test covered information about protein, fat, and sugar metabolism, and medical genetics.  Pathways were the main component as well as memorizing which disease is correlated to which enzyme deficiency.

It was surprisingly difficult to pull myself together to study for this test.  Being a doctor had better be awesome because there is not much glamour in studying to be one.  I tried to divert myself with some physical exercise so at S's suggestion, I started P90X.  Now, my entire body hurts.  In my life, I have almost burnt my foot off, almost cracked my head open, and had an unfriendly cleat tear my bottom lip down to my chin, but my body has never been in more pain than the morning after doing Ab Ripper and Shoulders and Back.  With those titles, there is no reason why my calves should be hurting so bad, but they do.

With school done, S and I are taking long walks which to date has been a failed attempt to self-induce.  The doctor said he would induce on the 26th if she hasn't gone into labor before then, so this week has a new baby in store.  S is very done with being pregnant, but her mom and little sister are in town and are keeping her happy.

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