Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Labor Strike

On Christmas at about 5:00, S thought that her water might have broken. So after calling the hospital and explaining her symptoms, we gathered up hospital bags and drove across the street to the hospital. We brought C just in case it was a false alarm.  Two and a half hours later the nice nurses sent us home.  Bless their hearts for being there and happy on Christmas, but somehow I expected a false alarm to be corrected in maybe 7 minutes tops.  C took it all in stride - playing at home or at the hospital is all the same to her.

At the last doctor's visit, we were told that if the baby wasn't here by the 26th they would go ahead and induce.  Perhaps an emergency vacation was in order, but somehow that got bumped to the 29th. The nurses on Christmas told us to ask the doctor if they would induce on the 26th anyway, but the office was completely closed down and Tuesday is an on-call only day for the doctors.  Just so you all know, the following labor inducing myths have been busted:

Castor Oil
Not vacuuming
Long walks
Peppermint oil
Spicy foods
Speed bumps
Not bouncing
Raspberry tea
Positive thinking
Negative thinking

We thought it would be so nice to have a few days together as a new family before I go back to school, but it looks like she might be born on our anniversary instead.  We are resigned to the fact that we will take what comes.  In the meantime, C has said some gems this week.

C - This is to keep you so safe. (Placing a pillow under me while I do push-ups.)
C - Be careful out there.  It's so dark. It's kinda slippery. (As I take out the garbage.)
C - Noelle, come out now!
C - It's okay I have hot chocolate.  Say yes, Mama!  Your answer is yes!
C - I not tired, I happy.
C - I don't her name is. What her name is?
C - Big trucks could bonk me my head, huh, Mama?

E - Bless me my tummy won't hurt.
C - Bless me my tummy won't hurt.
E - Thank thee for my friends.
C - Thank Daddy has friends.

E - Is it time for a bash?
C - Time for bash!
E - Time for bash?
C - Bash!
E - Bath?
C - Okay.

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