Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lion King

This was a week of titanic proportions.  The test Monday I felt went okay until I saw my grade that night - 71%.  Borderline failure.  So Shelli and I had a long, deep discussion about how to improve my grades and the additional time away that I might have to take.  The next day, however, administration unapolligetically informs us that most of the grades were switched around and that my real grade was an 87%.  I feel bad for the guy who switched with me, but not bad enough to switch with him permanently - at least he got to feel good about himself for a few hours.  Good thing this administration doesn't build houses or if I had requested one I might have received someone else's lean-to.

On Tuesday we practiced drawing blood for the first time.  Fortunately enough, there were enough brave souls who bared their arms that I could discreetly not get poked, but I did pierce a few veins on others.  It is a rather unnatural feeling piercing flesh and causing pain in people.  I did it and I didn't pass out, but I don't relish it and I borderline hyperventilated.

On top of the hardcore science classes we are taking we have a few other minor classes.  One is a practical medicine class where we practice taking a history and physical, learn to use the stethoscope and ophthalmoscope, and stuff like that.  We have 25 minutes to take a full history and review of systems (head, eyes, ears, neck, throat, cardio, respiratory, GI, genitourinary, psych, neuro, musculoskeletal) and then 9 minutes to write everything out.  It's the 9 minute part that scares me most simply because it's difficult to occupy your hands with instruments and flesh and a jot notes at the same time.

This week C called me 'the prince.'  I asked if I could be the king and she thought a minute and said, "No, just the Lion is the King."

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