Monday, November 28, 2011


I am becoming more and more grateful to have done the summer osteopathic principles course.  It was an expensive decision at the time, but has opened up a few doors and has lightened my load during the regular school year.  Because of that, I didn't have to take the tests on Monday or Tuesday which means I was stir crazy by Wednesday evening even before the Thanksgiving break officially began.

I learned today of 2 medical students who have dropped out.  One failed two classes and decided to do something else and the other decided she bit off more than she could chew.  Knowing that failing out is a possibility is motivating in its own way.  It will be interesting to see if anyone else chooses to do something else when we come back from Christmas break.

Last Friday we had our second Molecular and Cellular Basis for Medicine test and I haven't been affected by the mixups in the test scores this far. Baring that, I got a 94%.  That puts honors in this class within reach if N stays put until the break.  Speaking of which, the name N is pretty final.  S and I both fell in love with it when we thought about having a Christmas baby.  Putting a name to the bump has revolutionized C's world.  She now refer's to N's clothes and tells us she is going to give N her blanket back when she comes.  She talks like she has a sister now instead of a mythical baby.

S's parents came into town for Thanksgiving and it has been so fun to have them here.  We all went to the city on Wednesday to have some fun.  Somehow, we thought it would be a city similar to San Francisco where you can pay gold and silver robotic dancers to do their thing, or commission a mentally underdeveloped individual to scare the socks off of your friends when he pops out of a bush, or watch the seals play king of the hill on the docks.  Nobody told us that none of that would be available and to add insult to injury, it rained the entire time, the toy store we wanted to roam around in with C had gone out of business, the fashionistas scowled and rolled their eyes at C and T, and people in general eyed C and pregnant S and then me with a look that said, "You guys need some birth control."  The redeeming part of the trip was World of Books.  Walking in that place made rival to the castle library in Beauty and the Beast.  I think the building took up an entire city block and was at least four stories.  On the way home we stopped at Fudruckers and enjoyed a fantastic build-your-own burger.

On Sunday, I met some of the families of other medical students and on individual was born and grew up in Ajo, Arizona.  I guess I can cross that off my bucket list.  Ajo is the last stop in Arizona before crossing the Mexican border...oddly enough, it's also the first stop for illegals from the Mexican border and it is as ugly as sin.  When I mentioned it to Dad he proceeded to explain to me that Ajo is where the earth receives an enema.  He also told about a few houses he built out there and he said that the city outlawed anything that could be used to dig because hell is so close to breaking loose there.

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