Sunday, October 23, 2011

Help me my life

"Thanks, Daddy, for help me my life."  That is the thanks I receive these days when I help C get some crayons and paper out, or get her a drink of water, or help her into her car seat.  When she can't think of something specific to thank me for, that is her default thank-you phrase.  "Thanks, Daddy, help me my toys."  Not exactly sure where she learned the word life, but it is very endearing.  Her undying gratitude is a great accomplishment, but not nearly as big as watching C try to gig S (pretend her fingers are spiders  up a limb to clamp on the skin of the neck) during Stake Conference today (we don't encourage that behavior in Church, but it sure is funny when it happens).  "I'm gonna gig you!" she squeals delightedly as her fingers search for flesh around Shelli's neck.

I haven't seen much of S or C this week.  Most of my awake hours were spent at school getting ready for the final in Head and Neck on Monday.  I haven't kept an official tally, but I've probably put in around 70 hours at school this week.  S and C have been fantastic this week making all the other students jealous of my position.  S makes the best food I've every had for almost every meal of the day.  Not only does she make it, but often she'll bring dinner to campus and we'll spend a few minutes together while we eat and then she goes home so I can keep studying.  Some of my favorite things she makes are french dip sandwiches, peanut chicken on pasta, bbq chicken sandwiches with homemade rolls, enchiladas, rosemary potatoes, etc.

Speaking of how fantastic S is, while I was studying with my group, one of the members left the room to take a call.  She was gone for about twenty minutes and when she came back, she apologized and said she normally saved up the chore of dishes and her phone calls so she could knock out both at the same time.  She ended the soliloquy with a challenge that any of us could have time for dishes while we're in med school and against my better judgement I noted, "My wife does our dishes."  At that, she spouted about gender inequality issues that would have done credit to Virginia Woolf.  I was tempted to say, "It's a really good thing my wife isn't here, Morty.  She might say something truly inflammatory like, 'What's wrong with a woman wanting to make her husband happy?'"

On Tuesday we had the CEO and founder of an insurance company come and talk to us about ethics.  The most memorable thing he said was, "Don't believe everything you think, because 95% of what you think is made up.  Evaluate what you absolutely know is fact and then judge your opinions and assessments.  Ethics isn't deciding what is right and what is wrong, but deciding between what is right and what is right.  When we come up against two situationally conflicting values such as honesty (I will always tell the truth no matter what) and kindness (I will be kind no matter what) then you have an ethical dilemma when a friend or family member asks for your opinion on whether they look fat.  Most often we resolve the dilemma by impromptu adoption of the value of personal convenience although no one will explicitly tell you that is one of their core values."

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