Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scatterbrained and other thoughts

Hard to believe that there is only a week left of Gross Anatomy.  We have moved from the pelvis and abdomen down to the thigh and calf.  This week we'll learn the ankle and foot, review for a bit, and then take the final the day after General Conference.  Beyond that, we start Head and Neck and then hopefully I'll be back into more familiar territory with molecular biology and biochemistry.

It has almost been a year since I played flag football and tore my face open from lip to chin.  Almost as if in commemoration, a few classmates and I decided to try a game on Saturday and had a wonderful time.  I can tell you that my pectineus, adductor longus, semimembranosus, semitendinosus, biceps femoris, vastus medialis, gastrocnemius, as well as my rhomboideus minor AND major hurt really bad.

Being executive secretary with 9 am church means I'm there at 6:45 for a bishopric meeting and then after for either ward council or priesthood executive committee.  I decided to ride my bike so that C and S wouldn't have to be late and so that I could stay as late as needed.  After church, I sent them home so C could take a nap and decided to poke my head in the door to see if Bishop Filips wanted me to stick around for the interviews.  I was counting on being there Tuesdays for interviews just to have someone else in the building, but wasn't sure if I needed to be right outside his door on Sunday.  We asked a high councilor who said that according to his understanding I could leave because there were enough people around.  In the time it took for that conversation to come to a close, the weather went from mostly sunny to overcast and rainy.  I haven't yet heard a weatherman forecast for this area, but I would venture a guess that it goes something like this:  "Today we are going to experience all four seasons..."  So after a lovely bike ride home in the rain I walk in on S making pizza for lunch and decide that all is right in the world.

We started potty training C this week.  It is almost easier to keep her in diapers because she goes almost every five minutes.  She drinks so much and there is no block from in to out.  This will be a wonderful obstacle to have behind us.

As I've read this and a few other of my older posts I am struck by how scatterbrained it all sounds.  I am afraid my journal is having an identity crisis.  The point is exacerbated by an article I read recently about the possible mechanism of crucifixion and burial in the 1st Century AD.  There does not exist a description of the exact mode that crucifixions in the time of Jesus were carried out because the writers at the time could assume that everyone in their audience had seen one firsthand. To a large extent I take my life and my experiences for granted not knowing what may or may not be important in the moment.  Also, I do not have the wonderful talent of being able to take out the trash and have a riveting story to tell about the mundane experience so I try to think thoughts in a new way to offset the poorly formed narrative of my life.

This is a calcaneus bone from the foot with a nail projecting medially through it.  The point of the nail is curved into a hook because presumably it hit a knot in the olive tree it was nailed into.  For that reason the soldiers were unable to remove the nail to reuse it and the body was buried with the nail as shown.

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