Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Week

On Wednesday we found out the score to the anatomy test we took the Friday before.  I got about an average score with an 79 on the written and an 84 on the practical.  The scores were prefaced by one of our instructors with "shame on you for not spending more time in the lab and shame on us for not making that clear."  We found out later that the practical test we took was significantly more difficult than the test our classmates in Pomona took.  Since class rank is relatively important for residency applications, most students in Lebanon advocated evening the playing field.

I don't think I have explained before the structure of WesternU. In 1979 the College of Osteopathic Medicine opened.  As the school expanded to include dentistry, podiatry, pharmacy, and veterinary sciences the administration changed the name of the school to indicate its a university.  Now, an extension has opened up.  Technically, we are the same school and most of the lectures are broadcast real time to us.  This means that we are not only compared to the students here, but also to the mother campus making a large class of over 300 students.  Synchronizing events, bureaucracy, access to teachers, and class officers has been a little rocky.  I thought when I came here the school would be more divorced from the mother campus and that is the eventual goal.  However, problems with accreditation from the AOA are a possibility and the school is planning to advocate in January for independent accreditation for the our campus on the condition that the same lectures are available at the same time.  When a brand new school opens, there is a four-year probation until the first class graduates and the minimum standard on the licensing exams has been met.  Since we are not technically a new school, we were granted accreditation status on the condition that the lectures and curriculum were broadcast to both campuses.

We began learning this week about the structures in the thorax and abdomen: lungs, heart, stomach, intestines,  liver, etc, their embryologic development, the nerves that innervate them, and their blood supply.  Our next test is two weeks after our last one, so it's coming up next Monday.  Shelli and Chiara are thriving in their new home.  Chiara has all the friends she can handle, but not enough hours in the day to play all that she wants too.  Shelli has also made some close friends among the wives of other med students.

With the risk of appearing snobby, I present the following as mistakes that should never be made.

Unswavering is not a word - I think the speaker meant unwavering as in 'unwavering loyalty.'

Superfluous does not mean obsolete - "I am from the pre-digital age and with all the new technology, my profession has become superfluous." Superfluous means more than enough as in 'two cherries on top', or an unnecessary addition.

Supposedly does not mean supposably - Supposedly means 'allegedly, or purportedly the case.'  Supposably means 'capable of being supposed' as in 'believable.'

There is no word 'irregardless.'

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