Friday, July 1, 2011

Week Two

It is now Friday 6:41 pm after the first week of medical school.  We had our first exam today and it had a written part and a practical part.  The written exam was fifty questions, multiple choice, and about half of the answers I knew off the top of my head without looking at notes.  The other half I had to go back to the textbook and powerpoints to get the information I needed. It was open book, open classmate, and overall was pretty doable.  The practical exam was set up as follows:

One student has 21 minutes to give another student a full screening exam which includes monitoring     walking, symmetrical orientation of the body, and range of motion checking for bone protrusions and muscle fullness. Then the student performs a regional exam of the back assessing texture of the tissue and spinal range of motion.  At this point, the student is given a segment (upper thoracic, lower thoracic, lumbar, or ribs) to diagnose a somatic dysfunction, choose the most prominent problem and perform one soft tissue technique and one articulatory technique.

I tried not to let me description ramble too far into vernacular, but I don't have the vocabulary to describe what we do in common parlance.  I felt confident with the test after spending hours and hours practicing the form of the requirements, but still a bit nervous never having taken a test in med school.  The results?.........98% on the written exam and 95% on the practical.  It is doable and that is very good to know.  It took a lot of hard work and long days which makes me grateful S wasn't here to endure my absence.

To celebrate the end of the first week, the class of fourteen wanted to go drinking.  One of my buddies in the class and I decided to go along to be sociable. We didn't drink, but we both took elbows in the chest from two drunks staggering out when we got there at 4:00 pm.  It was an interesting culture I have never witnessed first hand.  There was loud raucous music that everyone had to yell over to be heard, drunks playing a bazillion games of pool on one half of the very small hole in the wall, and one overworked female bartender helping with alacrity about twenty Hispanics become thoroughly inebriated.  Our group limited itself to one drink just to get a buzz and then we left.

We have Monday and Tuesday off for July Fourth so I have a few days to prepare myself for the next epic installment.

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  1. Congratulations on scoring so high on your tests. Sounds like you are having interesting experiences. I hope all continues to go well for you. We sure miss you.
    Best of luck and Happy 4th of July!!!