Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week Four

The saga continues.  Thursday was a rough day for lecture and I arrived home worn out.  We learned almost ninety counterstrain points and their corresponding treatment positions.  Most are grouped, but there are a few oddballs that strain nomenclature and acronym techniques of even the most creative students.  The treatments require rotating, sidebending, and flexing or extending according to how the muscle insertion is most relaxed and holding that position for about 90 seconds which can be rather daunting for small doctors treating bulky patients.

The test on Monday is only a practical and the new modalities are counterstrain and HVLA.  They usually test on new treatment and one old treatment from a former test, and we have nineteen minutes to do a complete exam plus the two treatments.

Thursday was also a watershed in that the instructor included me in the same category as the herculean Chase.  "Now if you are C, M, or Medical Student and can handle holding the person's leg in this position for the full 90 seconds, go ahead.  If you are a petite female trying to hold a large patient in this position, use your knee as a fulcrum and make yourself comfortable."  The class is finally taking note of my inconspicuous yet powerful muscles. :)

Also, it was only a matter of time before my weapon-grade hiccups became common knowledge.  I managed to hide them for three weeks.  Today, I let loose an ear splitting squeak during a lull in the conversation.  It caught me with my mouth open.  S immediately yelled out, "Who murdered a muppet?!"

This is our class of 14 students, 1 fellow, and the first-year curriculum coordinator.  You can tell which position everyone holds by the clothes they are wearing.  Dress code for us is basketball shorts above the knees and a shirt you can easily remove in order to identify anatomical landmarks.  When I first got here and before I knew anyone, I bought a hat to hide my sunburned head from the triple digit sun.  My hair is about as rare as a cactus in the Alaska and almost as far north.

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  1. You're so cute, Honey ... I don't mind that you're bald. :)