Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Week

One test a week is rough, but two tests in one week is intense.  We had one on Monday and the final was on Friday.  We learned about 25 new techniques this week, but they were all pretty easy to remember and the knowledge required to execute them is mostly anatomical.  The lymphatic techniques were for mobilizing the immune system and treating congestion or swelling.  For example, during pregnancy as the fetus grows it begins to push against the lymph ducts leaving the lower extremities towards the venous return to the heart.  The increased pressure leaves fluid pooling in the feet and lower legs and creates swelling.  It was rather entertaining to watch Shelli's feet during Sacrament meeting while she was pregnant with Chiara and see the straps of her shoes disappear.

The second modality was myofascial release.  Contrary to popular belief, the largest organ in the body is not the skin but the fascia.  Fascia is what anchors the skin to the underlying tissues and is rather ubiquitous.  It also has some characteristics of smooth muscle and can contract in compensatory patterns responding to stresses like whiplash.  Essentially, this modality aims to release the contraction and reset the tissue.

Not only do they want us to know the material well enough to pass, they also want us to be able to teach the our first-year counterparts at the daughter campus.  The curriculum coordinators included some teaching classes into our course.  On Wednesday they had us prepare to teach some psychomotor skill.  We learned how to block a knife stab, break a headlock, the chicken dance, the Macarena, a salsa move, a beginning belly dance move, a yoga pose, and I taught how a singer ought to breathe.  The funniest part was C teaching a pose which apparently body-builders perform in order to show off their body before a competition.  It involves showing off the pecks, the biceps, the forearm, the gluteus maximus, and the thighs all at the same time which is tough to do.

We just got out of the test and are on our way to have dinner with the dean, but before I go I wanted to show you some of this place.

This is all the food I have left.  Not bad planning to run out on the last day.

This looks to me like the skeleton is checking us out.

The artistic statues that dot the campus.  Looks like stocks are down.

This one might be my favorite.  Turns out security guards get mad if you actually use it
 as a garbage can.  I guess it's all part of the display.

Strike the above caption, these statues are definitely my favorite.

H trying to make off with the old lady's purse.  

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