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Dad's Dictionary

Batut (a rough transcription)(as in; Colder than a well-digger's batut): noun 1) Region of the body related to tupus 2) Often used in relation to weather; the word can also serve as punctuation much like an exclamation mark; Batut is used to indicate a superlative situation as in "Colder/Hotter than a well-diggers batut" means 'very hot/cold'

Bolivar Snodgrassnoun 1.) First and last name of a generally unpleasant person spoken not as an insult, but as a mask to protect the identity of the idiot it is applied to.

Boltar of the Rocky Crags: def. alias for Ray Warren Snyder; abbrev. Bolt

Chusa: 1) (This word has an unknown part of speech, could be a verb, noun, expression, or possibly all three at the same time) Used most often in a situation where lots of pain is unavoidable, seems to be directed at the entire situation, may refer to the one receiving pain or the one giving pain although some specialists say that it is an expression of relief that the speaker is removed from the situation

Crustsceans: noun 1) The region of the bilateral swellings of the occipital bone referred to by professionals as the superior nuchal line which marks the attachment site of the occipitalis, splenius capitis, and trapezius muscles. A perennially sore area due to hypertonic postural muscles.

Dirdisima madreexpression 1) Said in the exact moment when the worst possible thing that can happen, does.

Drizzle; noun 1) Liquid substance of unknown origin chemically related to both squizzle and squazzle expression 2) Said before or during impending catastrophe

Fine specimen of humanity: noun 1) Refers to anyone looking or appearing scraggly with strong irony, (see below) 2) Term of endearment

Fold your flagrant flippers: imperative 1) Phrase said shortly before prayer in imperative tense; Translation, "fold your arms."

Frederick: noun 1) Refers to a male married to Norma Jean for more than 100 years; also driving dangerous and/or slow

Gig verb 1.) Accompanied by a voiceless alveolar “hissing” sibilant [s] (fssssst!), gigging is giving a quick unexpected pinch with the intention of scaring, disrupting, or playfully provoking. Among experts it is seen as a 'gauntlet,' a challenge to wrestle.

Give him the bird: 1) Verbal expression said specifically during the card game Rook when the user would find playing the Rook card particularly advantageous

Mowhaucher: noun 1) Gender neutral term of endearment 2) also used to describe a person undertaking amazing feats with a lawn mower as in the following situations

Naval destroyer noun 1) See also gigged, gigger

Nayzle: def 1) Expression meaning 'no'; always said in a series of three repetitions as in "Nayzle, nayzle, nayzle!"

Negro b'chaunch (original spelling is lost, this is a rough transcription): expression 1) Related to chusa, but when used, the speaker is not removed from the pain

Norma Jean; noun 1) Elderly woman behind a steering wheel, usually drives slow and/or dangerously.

Puerco bachonexpression 1.) An expression of frustration reserved for situations when a valuable item breaks, something goes wrong, or the situation is severely disappointing.

Scum-sucking pot-licking well-digging mahole (rough transcription, actual spelling unknown); noun 1) Expression of exasperation directed at a person obstructing short term progress on the freeway

Squazzle: noun 1) Substance of unknown origin usually in a container known as a 'squazzle-bucket'


Squizzle: noun 1) Substance of unknown origin, usually accompanied by a terrible smell; Translation; stagnant water, swamp-scum; see also 'squazzle'

Tupus (pl. tupi pronounced; tu-pai) noun 1) Refers to the region of the body where the back meets the legs to avoid alternative crude words; Example of use "Don't squat with your spurs on or else you'll damage your tupus."

You look like the inside of a sow's belly: declaration 1) Phrase used to imply someone or something has seen better days 2) may be referring to a short-term and reversible situation of bad overall appearance;Translation, the object in question is 'over the hill', or has a 'bad-hair day'

Def 1

Def 2

You thought a chigger had you expression 1.) A victorious expression said after a successful 'gigging'

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