Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week One

I am counting the first week as the week preceding and leading up to classes.  There was an offer to participate in a summer program that allowed students to take the first year of osteopathic principles and practices.  The catch was it had to be done at the mother campus because the daughter campus is still being built.

This threw a wrench into the logistical plans of anyone who wanted to participate, but feeling that the benefits over the long term might outweigh the short term set-backs, I decided to try it.  I cleaned my last house on Thursday, packed what little I needed for a month out of town, and flew down on Saturday in order to start class on Monday.  Luckily I had a wonderful roommate with a car to go shopping at the nearest WinCo.  Church on Sunday was a little more involved.

I looked at the meetinghouse locator site on and the nearest chapel was 2 miles away: well within walking distance.  Unfortunately, it was a Spanish ward.  The nearest English ward was 4.8 way.  The GPS said it would take 1hr 40 min but I did it in under an hour and fifteen.  Wasn't bad except for my growing forehead.  I was thoroughly reddened upon my arrival at home.  The area reminds me of Ajo, Az commonly referred to as the armpit of the west.  It is said that no one dares use a shovel in Ajo for fear that hell will break loose.  Quite a few of the advertisements are in Spanish and ragazzacci roam in gangs while crazies roam like one man wolfpacks.  I find myself in an old habit watching out for syringes on the walkways, but fortunately did not see any today.

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