Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 27 2011

The first official day of class was not too far removed from an undergraduate first day.  We read about policies and welcomes and expectations, etc for almost three hours.  The second half of the day was spent mostly in powerpoint lecture outlining Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and in the last hour we finally practiced on each other.

OMM is a specific type of diagnosis and therapy.  The idea is that a normal body will exhibit normal attributes that an abnormal body will not.  Certain bodies a higher muscle tone on one side of the back, shoulder, or neck than the other side which will make that person prone to feel pain.  This course is designed to train our hands to differentiate normal to abnormal skin, subcutaneous, muscle, and bone tissue and to eventually use our knowledge of anatomy and physiology to treat those abnormalities.  Specifically, we are taught to look for asymmetry, muscle tone, heat, moisture, and any other tell-tale signs of health or the absence of it.

Today we focused mainly on palpation and sensation for an overall structural exam.  We learned the basic anatomical landmarks to feel for and we have our first test on Friday to see if we can correctly give a structural exam along with a soft tissue and a joint mobility treatment within an allotted time.  I stayed after class with a few classmates to practice.

There are fewer classmates than I expected.  The ones I have talked to are also glad they did not bring their spouses.  The common theme was, "This is an ugly place."

Oh, I also bought a hat today in order to protect my sparsely-haired head from the glaring sun only to find out that it is against campus dress code to wear hats.  Also, it is against dress code to wear sports shorts and T-shirts.  Unfortunately, that is the dress code for the class. Conflicting dress codes hurt my head.

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